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Science International (SI) is a digital publishing platform of open access journals based in Dubai, UAE. The sole mission of SI is to foster the exchange of open research & scholarly information across all disciplines.
Open Access Journals A – Z  

Science International is a fully open access journal publisher and currently publishes 25 peer reviewed journals and is continuously striving to expanding its portfolio.

Asian Journal of Biological Sciences 1996-3351
Asian Journal of Earth Sciences 1819-1886
Asian Journal of Emerging Research 2663-4988
Asian Journal of Plant Pathology 1819-1541
Asian Science Bulletin 1813-0070
Bacteriology Journal 2153-0211
Current Research in Poultry Science 2152-2111
Current Research in Tuberculosis 1819-3366
International Journal of Biological Chemistry 1819-155X
Pharmacologia 2044-4648
Research Journal of Allergy 1819-3390
Research Journal of Botany 1816-4919
Research Journal of Cardiology 1819-3404
Research Journal of Forestry 1819-3439
Research Journal of Information Technology 1815-7432
Research Journal of Medicinal Plants 1819-3455
Research Journal of Microbiology 1816-4935
Research Journal of Parasitology 1816-4943
Research Journal of Physics 1819-3463
Research Journal of Phytochemistry 1819-3471
Research Journal of Radiology 1819-348X
Research Journal of Seed Science 1819-3552
Research Journal of Veterinary Sciences 1819-1908
Science International 2305-1884
Scientific Asia 2707-3165
Singapore Journal of Chemical Biology 2010-0094
Singapore Journal of Scientific Research 2010-006X
Trends in Applied Sciences Research 1819-3579
Trends in Medical Research 1819-3587

For all publishing proposals, including transfer of existing journals, launch of new titles or conversion of subscription journals to Open Access, please complete this form.  

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