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Science International (SI) is a digital publishing platform of open access journals based in Dubai, UAE. The sole mission of SI is to foster the exchange of open research & scholarly information across all disciplines.
For Societies

Being a part of scholarly publishing community, Science International (SI) is committed to provide the state of the art technological solutions to all publisher partners. The purpose of the inception of SI is to strengthen the society journals and make sure that high-quality research is as widely circulated as possible.

Science International offers the following services to the scholarly & professional societies and associations.

Management & development
We work closely with the scholarly publishing community and first try to understand their needs well. After getting an idea about their requirements, our technical team design a customized solution to meet the society's needs. We encourage open and transparent reporting and offers regular reports that cover:

  • production information and schedules,
  • sales reports,
  • online usage statistics,
  • content analysis,
  • feedback/results from marketing initiatives,
  • citation information

Science International arrange virtual meetings with the society partners to establish clear objectives for each journal, discuss the current status & future goals of the journal and strive together to achieve their set targets.

Editorial office support
Science International works with the industry partners to learn about the latest development in the technical tools. This industry linkage helps us to offer support and advice on a number of online submissions and peer review systems, including but not limited to SciOne.

Virtual editorial office
Understanding the needs of active editorial office SI offers Virtual Editorial Office services for the society journals to minimize the communication gap between authors, editors, and reviewers. Each title is managed by a dedicated freelance editorial assistant who is responsible to replyall of the queries received from Authors, Editors and Reviewers. This service specially facilitates the editors to focus on their prime editorial responsibilities.

Production services
It is an ultimate wish of the society journal's editor to publish their accepted articles online in the shortest time frame. Our strategically designed in-house editorial workflow and strong industry relationships enable us to maintain our high level of performance across the board. At Science International we are committed to publish the accepted articles in a minimum publication time without compromising on quality.

Commitment to quality with cost-effective approach
Providing the highest level of services without compromising on quality is a non-negotiable part of our services. We deliver all technological solutions with quality in mind in a cost-effective way. To ensure and maintain the highest standard of quality, we send out routine surveys to authors and connected editorial peers, to track and report our performance based on real time experiences and feedback.

Member benefits
We always strive to improve our services on the basis of our working experience with society journal publishers. Member's benefits are inclusive of but not limited to:

  1. User-friendly Online Journal Management Platform
  2. Exclusive online features and functionality
  3. 24/7 subscriber’s helpline to assist queries and problems

For all publishing proposals, including transfer of existing journals, launch of new titles or conversion of subscription journals to Open Access, please complete this form.


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