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Science International (SI) is a digital publishing platform of open access journals based in Dubai, UAE. The sole mission of SI is to foster the exchange of open research & scholarly information across all disciplines.
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Why Choose Science International?

Our Expertise
Twelve years of close working experience with the scholarly publishing community enables us to understand, foresee, and support our publishing partners with the best technical solutions according to their needs.

Retain ownership
Science International never demands to transfer ownership rights. Therefore, society journals will still retain editorial control and ownership while using our publishing platform.

Science International operates with budget-friendly yet technologically innovative infrastructure that minimizes the publisher’s dependencies on in-house resources and ensures smooth execution of the publishing program.

OAJ publishing infrastructure
SI designed its publisher services strategically to run end-to-end open access publishing workflows. Our digital platform covers the entire publishing lifecycle: from manuscript submission, peer review, content hosting, and publication to analytics and reporting.

Working for you
Our software developers are working on the system dedicatedly to serve the journal owner and introduce new features as per the need of the publishing community.

Choice of service options
We provide services to society journals from submission to publication or from post-acceptance to publication as per their needs/choice.

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