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Science International Vol. 5 (3), 2017
Research Article
Antioxidant and Ameliorative Effects of Zingiber Officinale Against Aluminum Chloride Toxicity
Nabil A. Hasona and Mohammed Q. Ahmed
Abstract: Objective: The present study was performed to assess the antioxidant capacity of different doses of Zingiber officinale extract and its efficacy in alleviating the biochemical alterations induced by aluminum chloride in rabbits. Material and Methods: Twenty-eight male rabbits were allocated into four groups (7 rabbits in each); Group I: Served as normal control, Group II: Treated with aluminum chloride (AlCl3) (150 mg kg–1 b.wt.), Group III: Treated with AlCl3 and Zingiber officinale extract (100 mg kg–1 b.wt.) and Group IV: Treated with AlCl3 and Zingiber officinale extract (200 mg kg–1 b.wt.). Rabbits in groups (III, IV) were orally treated daily with Zingiber officinale extract for 4 weeks. Data was analyzed using SPSS. Results: Aluminum exposure caused a significant elevation of BUN, creatinine, lipid profile, ALT, ALP, TNF-α and amylase activity. All these parameters showed the reverse trend following oral Zingiber officinale treatment. Aluminum exposure showed a significant decrease in hepatic GSH and catalase activity. Treatment with Zingiber officinale extract significantly reversed aluminum effects, in the level of GSH content and hepatic catalase activity. Conclusion: Zingiber officinale is effective in alleviating the oxidative stress and inflammation and is thus effective in improving lipid profile and hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity in AlCl3 administration.
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