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+ Volume 6, 2018
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Science International Vol. 5 (3), 2017
Research Article
Comparative Efficacy of Various Essential Oil Extraction Techniques on Oil Yield and Quality of Jasminum sambac L.
Ahsan Akram , Adnan Younis , Gulzar Akhtar , Kashif Ameer , Amjad Farooq , Muhammad Asif Hanif , Muhammad Saeed and Ki-Byung Lim
Abstract: Objective: The current investigation was conducted to check the comparative efficacy of different essential oil extraction techniques. Essential oil was extracted by supercritical fluid extraction (SCFE) and hydro-distillation. The objective of this study was to optimize standard conditions for maximum oil yield from jasminum sambac through SCFE technology and compare essential oil extraction techniques for better oil quality. Materials and Methods: An optimized protocol was established for the extraction of essential oil from Jasminum sambac through supercritical fluid extraction (SCFE) technique. The essential oil extraction of Jasminum sambac also done with another technique i.e., Hydro-distillation. Then comparison was done between both techniques regarding quality and quantity of essential oil. Experiment was laid out according to completely randomized design (CRD). The data were subjected to statistical analysis using one-way analysis of variance technique at 5% probability. Results: In supercritical fluid extraction (SCFE), CO2 was used as solvent for getting concrete oil. The concrete was processed to convert it to absolute oil. Jasminum sambac had concrete oil yield of 0.334%, whereas it had absolute oil yield of 0.021%. Physio-chemical studies of absolute oil were also conducted which indicated color as clear yellow to light brown, refractive index as 1.49, specific gravity as 0.964 and congealing point of the concrete as 20°C. Different chemical components contained in the essential oil were identified by GC-MS analysis. The maximum number of chemical components identified from single essential oil sample was 35. Conclusion: This technique performed better as compared to hydro-distillation. The present studies revealed that Jasminum sambac can be successfully cultivated on commercial scale in the country for the extraction of essential oil with promising results.
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