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Science International Vol. 5 (4), 2017
Research Article
Non Proteinaceous Seed Extracts of Albizia lebbeck Inhibits Porcine Pancreatic α-amylase
Faiyaz K. Shaikh , Ashok A. Shinde , Akshay P. Ware and Manohar V. Padul
Abstract: Background and Objective: Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic disease caused by inherited or acquired deficiency in insulin secretion resulting from one of the complication called hyperglycaemia. α-amylase inhibitors play vital role in managing post-prandial hyperglycemia because it lowers post-prandial blood sugar by inhibiting α-amylase in the digestive organs. In pursue of finding novel α-amylase inhibitors Albizia lebbeck (A. lebbeck) a traditional Indian medicinal plant was investigated. Materials and Methods: The n-hexane and dichloromethane (DCM) extracts of seeds of A. lebbeck were prepared and investigated for inhibition towards porcine pancreatic α-amylase (PPA) and human salivary amylase. Gel inhibition of PPA was performed on native polyacrylamide gels. Quantitative estimations were performed using enzyme assays. Means and standard deviations were calculated and compared. Results: The n-hexane and DCM extracts were found to inhibit PPA activity on 7.0% native polyacrylamide gel treated with 0.1% starch, whereas, it fails to inhibit salivary α-amylase on the gel. About 25 mg of the n-hexane and DCM extract showed 78.45±3.28 and 61.46±2.05% inhibition of 13 U of PPA with effective IC50 value 6.56±0.77 and 8.76±0.98 mg, respectively. Conclusion: This study revealed α-amylase inhibitor potential of Albizia lebbeck which may helpful to develop medicinal preparations to reduce hyperglycaemia, complications associated to DM.
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