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Science International Vol. 4 (3), 2016
Research Article
Plasmapheresis Effect on Respiratory Condition and Acidosis in Unstable Complex Patients with Pelvic and Long Bone Fracture
Ramin Azhough , Mohammad Basir Abolghasemie Fakhri , Samad Shams Vahdati , Hadiseh Kavandi and Ali Shahavand
Abstract: Background and Objective: After head trauma, pelvic fracture is the most common cause of death in multiple trauma patients. In cases with stable hemodynamic, sepsis or multi-organ failure is the cause of mortality. There are many efforts to improve these patients status. It seems that plasmapheresis by reducing inflammatory response could improve these patients status. The aim of current study is to evaluate the role of plasmapheresis on improving respiratory condition and acidosis in trauma patients with unstable complex pelvic fracture and long bones. Methodology: In this clinical trial, 12 patients (11 men and 1 woman) 30-60 years old with unstable complex pelvic fracture and long bones admitted to surgery ICU were evaluated. All patients received plasmapheresis and the plasmapheresis was repeated if needed. Atrial blood gas and hemodynamic findings before and after plasmapheresis were evaluated. Also, mortality and duration of hospital stay was recorded. Results: Thirty four sessions of plasmapheresis were performed in 12 patients. After plasmapheresis, systolic blood pressure was significantly increased (p = 0.02) and hear rate was significantly decreased (p = 0.001). Also, following plasmapheresis, oxygen saturation and blood pH were both increased (p<0.001 in both). The decrease in CO2 (p = 0.25) and increase in HCO3 (p = 0.22) was not significant. Mean ICU stay was 16.83±5.70 days and mean hospital stay was 19.50±6.04 days. There were three (25%) deaths. Conclusion: Plasmapheresis in patients with unstable complex pelvic fracture could improve acidosis and respiratory condition and so be effective in improving these patients condition.
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