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Science International Vol. 2 (1), 2014
Research Article
Influence of Propionibacteria Supplementation to Rations on Intake, Milk Yield, Composition and Plasma Metabolites of Lactating Buffalos During Early Lactation
Tarek A. Morsy , Hossam M. Ebeid , Abd EL-Kader M. Kholif , Hossen A. Murad , Abd EL-Rhman M. Abd EL-Gawad and Taha M. El-Bedawy
Abstract: Background: A probiotics (direct-fed microbials, DFM) and prebiotics (microbial growth promoters) are specific agents may have provide alternatives to chemical modifiers of manipulate the microbial ecosystem and fermentation characteristics in the rumen and intestinal tracts of livestock animals. The objective of this study was evaluating the effect of two levels propionibacteria strain (P169) on buffalo’s performance. Methods: Six lactating buffaloes in early lactation after four days from calving were divided to three treatments by using two blocks 3x3 complete switch–back design and three successive experimental periods. Each period consisted of 30 days. Animals were fed rations consisting of 70% Concentrate Feed Mixture (CFM) and 30% roughage [20% berseem (B) and 10.0% Rice Straw (RS)] on dry matter basis as control (1). Dietary treatments were: Control ration plus 2 g dairy ProP169® (low dose) (Propionibacterium freudenreichii strain P169) (2) and control ration plus 4 g dairy ProP169® (high dose)/head/day (3). Results: Buffaloes fed supplemental Propionibacteria had lower DMI kg-1 b.wt. (p<0.05) than control. Body weight was improved by treated P169 (p<0.05). But, treatments did not affect nutrients digestabilities. Milk yield and components were not significantly (p>0.05) differed between all treatments. Also, blood plasma parameters were not affected by treatments groups. Conclusion: It could be concluded that supplementing rations with dairy Prop P169 might has a little effect on lactating buffalo’s performance.
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