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Science International Vol. 1 (6), 2013
Research Article
Is Hif-1α Expression Important in Proliferative and Nonproliferative Glomerulopathy in Terms of Prognosis?
A. Kilicarslan , H.T. Dogan , R. Elsurer and H. Ozdemir
Abstract: The most effective factors in chronic kidney failure are kidney’s oxygen delivery and distribution. This study aimed to investigate the effects of hypoxia-inducible-factor 1α (HIF-1α) and its target genes glucose transporters (GLUT-2) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression, which are directly proportional with proliferative and nonproliferative glomerulopathy, on hypoxia in treatment and prognosis. A total of 78 patients (24 focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), 34 membranoproliferative glomerulonephiritis (MPGN), 20 amyloidosis) with at least 2 years follow-up between January 1996-January 2006, were evaluated. The patients were allocated to five groups as negative or positive response to treatment in the first 3 months, negative or positive response to treatment after 3 months and finally CRF development within 12 months. HIF-1α, GLUT-2 and VEGF immunohistochemical studies were made from renal needle biopsy paraffin blocks and the expressions were classified. Increased tubular HIF-1α expression affected the treatment positively in the first 3 months but had a negative effect thereafter. Increased tubular and glomerular VEGF expression affected the treatment positively in the first 3 months and negatively thereafter. Increased peritubular capillary VEGF expression affected the treatment positively throughout the follow-up time intervals. Increased tubular GLUT-2 expression affected the treatment negatively after 3 months. While the increase in tubular HIF-1α and GLUT-2 expressions increased the risk of CRF development within 12 months, increased peritubular capillary VEGF expression decreased the risk of CRF development. Early period HIF-1α and VEGF expressions have protective effects but late period HIF-1α and GLUT-2 expressions increase CRF development within 12 months. The positive effects of HIF-1α genes on renal diseases in the early period must be supported with more extensive studies.
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