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Science International Vol. 1 (2), 2013
Review Article
Chronopharmacology for Anthelmintic: Immune and Modified Release of Drugs Prospectus
Adenilda Cristina Honorio-Franca , Patricia Kelly Dias Lanes , Elton Brito Ribeiro and Eduardo Luzia Franca
Abstract: The chronopharmacology aims to improve therapeutic outcomes, minimize side effects and decrease resistance to drugs, specifically for anthelmintic, studies still accurately be investigated and should take into account the changes chronobiological and immune responses to the parasite. With the advancement in the field of chronobiology, modern approaches for drug delivery have widespread chronopharmacology a new concept, this is, the ability to modify the release of the therapeutic agent to the patient depending on the time and site specific. However, the main drawback is the painstaking development of systems that match the circadian rhythm, which should take into account varieties intra/inter biological. This review gives cronopharmaceutical emphasis on anthelmintics and immunological potential that can be harnessed as an alternative target for delivery of drugs.
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